Why Choose Midwest Meter?

Unmatched Expertise: Midwest Meter Inc., an award-winning company, is the leading expert in water meters, meter reading systems, and related water-service products for the greater Midwest region and has earned top industry recognition.  

The Best Products: Midwest’s highly skilled team is dedicated to using only high-quality products.

Exceptional Service: Midwest’s commitment to delivering exemplary customer service has made us the one-stop shop for water utilities in the Midwest. Our investment in the staff and training to support the systems we sell is what sets us apart.

On the cutting edge of technology’s changes to the water-meter industry

Technology has dramatically changed the water meter industry in recent years. From static metering to infrastructure-free meter reading to integration of meters with other smart devices, technology has given water utilities better tools to provide their customers with more personalized and efficient services. In turn, Midwest Meter provides the advanced analytical software that accompanies the systems we sell, along with a team of 4 who offer IT support and training for these systems.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Using only the industry’s best in water meter products and technology

Top-notch water meter service

More than 50 years of experience

Reasonable prices


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