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Midwest’s team of highly trained professionals ensure your water meter is properly sized, tested, and installed to prevent utility revenue loss. An undersized or improperly installed meter may wear out prematurely, lose accuracy, and/or require additional maintenance. An oversized meter may not measure low flows accurately. 

Midwest has years of experience offering water services such as:

Testing, Repair, and Calibration

Midwest Meter offers water-meter testing, repair, and calibration, either on-site or in our repair shop. We also can assist you in determining which water-meter product will best serve your needs, as well as answer your automation and accuracy questions. As technology evolves, we want to ensure your utility is fitted with the industry’s best product.

Contractual Services

Let Midwest Meter manage and maintain your water-meter system for you. Through our contractual services, we can assist you in maintaining your system based on your needs, including regular testing and repair.

Water-Main Tapping

Midwest Meter offers water-main tapping for ¾- inch pipes up to 12-inch pipes.

For questions about our comprehensive water-meter services, please call 1-800-634-4746.

You may also find more information about meter-box specification in our brochure.

Our Products

We carry and install only the best in water utilities products, including industry leader Badger with its innovative, first-to-market, forward-looking approach.



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